03 June 2013

Fresh Meat Monday - Gastric Band

Would you care to introduce yourself?       

Hi! I'm Kami from the Gastric Band, I play guitar, trigger samples and press down on a couple notes of a cheap Yamaha Keyboard on the odd occasion.      

How would you describe the music you make?        

Depends on where and when you'd catch me. If it's with The Gastric Band then I'd say challenging music; to write, play and listen to. But if you stick it out it can be rewarding, exciting and incomparable. I also DJ and work on more minimal/electronic/lo-fi tracks under the name Floatingboy.      

How did you start out making music?       

I've been active in bands for 9 years and when I started it was just filling in on Bass for a High School band that I ended up touring with extensively. Gastric Band's drummer Ricki was the guy who asked me to join and we've been making music together ever since. We had a pretty strong music scene in our home town of Livingston and through that we met Bruce, Ross and Jack which would inevitably lead to the formation of Gastric Band.       

What process goes into the way you write songs?       

With Gastric Band most ideas come from unusual grooves and rhythmic detail. From there we start forming the songs out of loops, guitar melodies and whatever else gear we've accumulated from past endeavours to fill out the harmonic progressions. Bruce and Jack are both music teachers so a lot of theory goes into the sections then I usually add some weird noises to mess up the well put together compositions.        

What can people expect from your live shows?        

A mass of polyrhythms and sparkly sounds that can be at times overbearing and eventually enlightening. I'd definitely say our music really comes to life when played live. It was all wrote that way so I think it conveys better in that kind of format.      What are you all listening to at the moment?        Recently I've been listening to a mix of African (Francis Bebey, Gnawa Music), Electronic (Martyn, Arpeebu, Dimlite) and Noise Pop (Xiu Xiu, Women). I'm a total Music junkie and I do a lot of commuting so I get through records pretty fast. As a collective we're all pretty absorbed in Prog, Zappa, Minimalism, Jazz.       

What can we expect to see/hear from you in the future?       

Well the album, Party Feel, is physically released today on Armellodie and we've already finished recording a couple of new tracks that I think are our best yet so we're just keeping the momentum rolling.

'Party Feel' is out now on Armellodie Records

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