13 May 2013

Fresh Meat Monday - Book Group

 Would you care to introduce yourself?  

Hello my name is Andrew and I play drums in Book Group. 

Hello I'm Graeme I play some guitar a bit of keys and sing. 

Hello I'm Michael: I bring the noise. 

I'm Scott. I play bass and I wear glasses sometimes.   

How would you describe the music you make?   

A: Personally I make a full on racket. Those guys add layers of tunefulness & harmonies on top. I think they make a good job of it. 

 G: Angry pop sums us up. We like to make as much noise as possible with the hope that the melody is still sneaking through but our sound is definitely more guitar driven filled out with some serious drums and bass action. 

M: Angry pop. Though a review called it 'axe pop' which I quite like too. 

S: Noisy bum rock peppered with melody.   

How did you start out making music?   

A: In an unsuccessful attempt to get girls at high school.  

 G: My early music adventures involved playing the clarinet but after getting a guitar as a birthday present that kicked things. That and a love of INXS! 

 M: Like most families, we used to take turns singing grace around the table before dinner, so naturally I joined a choir. This didn't work out, so I first turned to grunge, then punk, then pop, then eventually Graeme.  

 S: Graeme forced me to play bass for him for one gig. He then tricked Michael and Andrew and we all still have a lot of wool over our eyes.  

What process goes into the way you write songs?   
A: What Graeme said. 

G: Most the songs are from a personal point of view about everyday observations of places and relationships. Our debut EP is titled 'Homeward Sound' and all four tracks are based on a love/hate relationship of home. Most of the lyrics have been written in random cafe shops with borrowed pens and on napkins. Normally i bring a wee idea and the other guys take it to a new level. Kind of like a grumble to an angry shout! 

M: Graeme starts the process and we all slowly bastardise his lovely wee acoustic song into submission. It's pretty collaborative though; quite often it's the other guys coming up with guitar ideas for me to try out. Even then, a 'finished song' usually goes through a few round of changes before we're happy with it.  

 S: One of us will have a hook and hope for the best. Another of us will bring in an almost fully formed song and we each try to make it louder/quieter/funkier (not quieter).  

What can people expect from your live shows?   

A: I will sweat 42% of my body weight away whilst simultaneously replacing it with generic lager.  

G: Four smiley guys + Loud noises = Happiness 

M: Ups and downs. We try and put quite a lot into a gig though and (partially due to our limited recorded output) are delighted that folks seem to see us as quite a good live band.  

S: To go home and analyse their lives as the very foundation of the way they live their lives will have been shattered by the awesomeness of the book group experience. 

What are you all listening to at the moment?   

A: Pronto mama - one of the best bands I've seen live in ages. 

G: Grant Lee Phillips - absolutely love Grant Lee Buffalo and seem to listen to an album or two of his stuff every week. eagleowl, Local Natives, Kid Canaveral and Lionel Ritchie have also been on in the car recently.  

M: Plastic Animals, Perfume Genius, Sweet Baboo, Youth Lagoon, Wu Lyf, Pictish Trail. 

S: Cheatahs, wild nothing, local natives, howler. 

What can we expect to see/hear from you in the future?  

A: We can't reveal to much about that at the moment other than to say it will be very very good.  

G: 'Homeward Sound' EP is out on Sat 18th May so get along to the launch folk  and buy your self a copy (only 100 available). After that we're going to get back to record some more stuff and are eyeing up a few more gigs out of Edinburgh. We gotta spread the angry word! 

M: The EP really is coming out on 18 May, we're not shitting this time. There'll be gigs after the launch and then we'll morph this plan into the next one - which is, for now, a secret. 

S:You can expect to see Graeme wearing a stripy t-shirt and hear Andrew hitting drums like they hit on his sister.


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