15 April 2013

Fresh Meat Monday - The True Gents

Would you care to introduce yourself?      

A "psychedelic alt-folk/celtic collective"     

How would you describe the music you make?      

It’s a mix of different stuff. Euan and Toby's songs are influenced by indie-folk and 60s psychedelia - artists such as Incredible String Band, Elliott Smith, Byrds, John Martyn, Turin Brakes... but working on the arrangements, the rest of the band all bring different influences. There is obviously a big traditional folk element to our music (Ross, Gordy, Dave and Ian are all involved in the traditional music scene in Scotland).     

How did you start out making music?      

Euan and Toby started writing songs together in Invermay (Perthshire) 2006. Initially performing around the local area as an acoustic duo, they met local record producer Robin Wyn Evans (who's worked with The View/Manic Street Preachers) and recorded a couple of demo CDs at T Pot studios, after which the band lineup grew - with the addition of several local musicians (there have probably been around 12-13 people playing in the band over the last few years!). We met up once a week in an upstairs room at the local pub in Dunning, writing and arranging Toby/Euan’s songs for a larger group of instruments.     

What process goes into the way you write songs?      

Typically, one of the band will come up with the basics for a song - chord structure and lyrics. From there, we would then jam it around as a band, adding instrumentation and working on the arrangement to keep it exciting and fresh.  With so many people in the band it's not always possible to get everyone together and so we'd often bring some recording gear to practices and record rough ideas to send over the web to those who couldn't make it.     

What can people expect from your live shows?      

A high-energy, foot-stomping party vibe. Stage invasions and crowd surfers are encouraged.. We tend to lean more on our upbeat tracks for gigs...  dropping in the occasional nostalic tear-jerker for waterworks.     

What are you all listening to at the moment?      

Euan - The Antlers/Suede  

Toby - Neil Young  

Ian - Old-School Hip Hop  

Dave - Grandaddy/Elliot Smith  

Pug – The True Gents album hahah! (Pug only recently joined the band, and is learning the basslines)     

What can we expect to see/hear from you in the future?     

We’re currently re-working our live set, and hope to do a bunch of gigs this year to support the album, as well as working on new material. Our album took a long time to finish, so we’re looking forward to exploring some new sounds.


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