22 April 2013

Fresh Meat Monday - It Girl

Would you care to introduce yourself? 

Hello, We are It Girl from Glasgow.   

How would you describe the music you make? 

Shit, straight in with the heavy stuff... Well, there's a lot of bass hooks, a lot of guitar, a lot of reverb on the vocals. There's definitely post-punk foundations in there somewhere and recent comparisons to the likes of Interpol and Bloc Party may not be a million miles away from what to expect from our sound   

How did you start out making music? 

Adam, Dean and Andy know each other from school and have always played music together in one form or another. The singer Scott was incorporated through a speed-dating website and we found our drummer Martin standing in Boots shouting at vitamins one day and knew he was the one.   

What process goes into the way you write songs? 

Most tracks from our first EP would typically begin with Dean and a bass hook he'd been working with and we'd build tracks from there up with whatever came naturally for each player. There's no real formula: if it sounds good and you enjoy playing it then it stays. We rehearse relentlessly, write constantly and probably forget a lot in the wake. Not the most efficient song writing regime, but it beats sitting at home watching telly. With this next batch of songs, everyone's having a go at coming in with new material and we're excited to see how this comes across on the recordings.   

What can people expect from your live shows? 

Five guys trying to sound like ten   What are you all listening to at the moment? New Beach Fossils album is good. Let Glasgow Perish by hard cunts No Island is a terrifying EP. Future Islands are fantastic. There's a lot of coastal related band names here... Should probably mention the new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album also.   

What can we expect to see/hear from you in the future? 

We plan to keep busy as ever. We begin recording our next EP down at Chem19 studios with the big boys next week so that'll be good. Playing Cafe Drummond's in Aberdeen 2/5/13 and Dirty Weekender down in Kilmarnock 31/5/13 which should be a great wee festival.


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