14 January 2013

Fresh Meat Monday - Evil Hand

Would you care to introduce yourself?   

No bother, hello, I'm Derek and I record music under the name Evil Hand. I'm originally from Carluke out in the depths of Lanarkshire, but I've been living on the west coast of Ireland in Galway for the last couple of years.    

How would you describe the music you make?   

I don't really know to be honest, usually it's pretty heavily effected with melodic undertones.  I have been told I have pop sensibilities though, that lie close to the surface which would probably make sense. So I suppose it could be called bastardised pop.  Subject matter-wise it's usually a bit dark, not that I'm an overly dark person, but cheerful songs just don't really come very naturally for me.    

How did you start out making music?   

At about the age of 14 I started a band with a few friends which evolved over the next 12 years or so as Genaro, who ended up signed to Benbecula Records.  At the same time I became obsessed with recording and production, studied it at uni, then worked in a studio for a good few years.  I think it still all goes back to that old Tascam 424 I had as a young teenager and the sonic possibilities it opened up.    

What process goes into the way you write songs?   

It usually begins with an acoustic, I'd come up with a part that sounds relatively decent and record it as a guide.  I'd then completely destroy it with layers of different instruments, distortion, reverb, delay and chorus etc.  Then I'd strip it back until it becomes a coherent song once again and fine tune the mix.  It does vary sometimes but that would be the usual approach.    

What can people expect from your live shows?   

Not much I'm afraid.  I've not played a show in a few years now, to be honest i prefer just locking myself away with equipment and recording.  I did gig for years with Genaro and it was good at the time, but this is more what I prefer these days.  Besides once I record a part I usually forget it and move onto something else.  That's not to say I might not get a live project put together at some point, but it would be something new and not just my own material.    

What are you all listening to at the moment?   

I've been listening to fair amount over the last year.  Since moving away from Scotland I've found myself getting more attached to its music and try and support any bands who make it this far over the sea to gig.  I've been scowering all you wonderful blog-sites too and also Bandcamp, SoundCloud etc  A few I'd throw out there worth looking into would be Andy Shauf, Mozart Parties, Observer Drift, Bottle of Steven, Jimmy Moonboots, Blouse, French For Rabbits, Wake Owl and Tom Rosenthal.  When I get back to Glasgow I make the usual shop-stop and picked up Aiden Moffat & Bill Wells, Holy Mountain, Plum, Randolfs Leap, Human Don't Be Angry, Meursault, and so on.    

What can we expect to see/hear from you in the future?  

Since finishing the latest album Wulver I've been feeling pretty creative again.  I was planning to work on an ambient EP at the start of the year, and also a project called Druther Monkard with a friend Mick, which is very likely to border on gin soaked insanity.


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