24 November 2012

Help Ma Boab, It's The 62 Word Review

Vasa – Never Have Dreams EP
Vasa's mathy post rock is something to behold. The meaty bass tangled with the chiming guitar lines is a recipe for something really special. The whole EP is excellent but a special mention must go to Not Now, But Soon, which shifts silkily from from its optimistic major key riffs to something a little more Eastern, heavy and dark. This is beautiful.

Never Have Dreams is released 14th December 2012

Queen Jane – Romantics EP
Queen Jane have a real knack for writing catchy guitar pop songs. Their sound sits somewhere in between Vampire Weekend and The Maccabees, and there's a summery, breezy feel about the whole thing. However, it's actually one of their slower numbers that stands out here. The shimmering chords and reverberant vocals on Sometimes give it that 'sailing away' feeling. A solid EP.

Romantics will be launched on 2nd December at the Art School with Campfires In Winter and Mickey 9s

So Many Animal Calls – She Was Speaking From The Bottom Of The Sea
So Many Animal Calls describe themselves as failpop. I have no idea why because they certainly haven't failed here. SMAC have a talent for arrangement, having all the loud bits and quiet bits and all bits in between in exactly the right places. This a big epic pop song with big guitars and big snares and big vocals. It's fucking brilliant too.

The single is released 3rd December. There is a launch gig at Nice N Sleazy on 8th December.


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