19 November 2012

Fresh Meat - Very Well

Would you care to introduce yourself?    

Hello, I'm Daniel, Danny or Dan. I play a bit of guitar and sing songs with some friends under the name Very Well.             

How would you describe the music you make?   


How did you start out making music?  

A broken guitar from a charity shop, my Dad taught me House of the Rising Sun, 'lessons' from a ginger smoking blues man, Oasis covers in The Attic (Opium) when we were 13. Since then I've written and lost more songs than I care to remember and had some great times along the way.             

What process goes into the way you write songs?  

I have lots of little ideas and once in a while they mould themselves into fuller songs. Lyrics used to come first, often pre-written, but now they tend to spew out and I spend weeks trying to make them right. Then the boys add their melodies and ideas and we shape the songs from there. I love songs with interesting melodies.             

What can people expect from your live shows?  

Absolutely no idea. It's been a couple of years since I've done a gig. Probably some drinks and some music... sounds groundbreaking... I'm looking forward to doing them, but I'm sure it'll take a few (drinks) to find my feet again.             

What are you all listening to at the moment?  

Um, liking the new Wild Nothing album and lots of Talk Talk, loads of Talk Talk. I like to listen to songs that remind of times and places, so new stuff has yet to really resonate in that way. At this exact moment I'm listening to Things Mean a Lot by Red House Painters, with wine (red).             

What can we expect to see/hear from you in the future?  

We're half way through recording our first proper EP, it should be finished pretty soon. We're just enjoying playing music together and if others want to enjoy it with us that's great. Gigs will be coming soon, I'll have to get my sparkly shirts ironed...


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