31 October 2012

Help Ma Boab, It's The 62 Word Review

How To Swim – It Doesn't Even Have To Be You
I've admired How To Swim for ages (the old Jockrock forum liked them – shows you how long they've been around!) but, despite their artistic consistency, they've never seemed to be able quite get beyond the cusp of greatness they've been stalled at for years. This is a gem of a single though, hopefully the album brings them superstardom. They deserve it.

Available to download for free from Bandcamp.

Flutes – Auld Archie
It's nice when you get something like this in your inbox: a band you've never heard of who just happened to have released something not just very good, but absolutely spectacular. There's a John Knox Sex Club feel throughout, but with lovely vocal harmonies and mellow flutes weaving their way towards a blazing climax, full of squealing guitar and rolling drums. Majestic.

Any Color Black's filthy electro rock and roll puts me in mind of some of The Black Keys recent album, El Camino. I've never been impressed by them previously, and it's not really the kind of thing I'd listen to but strangely I found myself humming it at work today so there's definitely something there. Decent, I'll be keeping an ear out.


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