22 October 2012

Help Ma Boab, It's The 62 Word Review

Father Sculptor – Dysmirror (single)
If you've followed these reviews over the last few months, you'll know I'm a huge fan of these guys. The towering synths and big reverbs are out in force, as are the anthemic vocals and machine gun snares. Close your eyes and you can practically see the white lights and swirling smoke. A great way to finish their run of bi-weekly singles.

Dysmirror is available from Bandcamp.

Sefiros – The Dead Things We Are Made Of (single)
Stunningly haunting ambient-electro. It reminds me a little of a band I once loved called Fields (whatever happened to them?), and wouldn't sound out of place on the Drive soundtrack. B-side We Are All Stardust is just as good. Starting out like something from Clint Mansell's L'Affaire Farewell, it ends up pure aw' glitched oot its nut and...beautiful. Treat your ears. 

The Dead Things We Are Made Of is available here.

Meursault – Dull Spark (single)
This is one of the more accessible songs from Meursault's most recent album, although that's certainly not to its detriment. More upbeat, aesthetically at least, than most of their back catalogue, the legato string melodies are underpinned by the driving drums and frantic bass. Pennycook's impassioned and anguished yelp is as good as ever. The ideal entry point for those previously unfamiliar.

Dull Spark is available here.


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