13 October 2012

Help Ma Boab, It's The 62 Word Reivew

Mondegreen – Aberdoom! EP
Mondegreen's brand of off-kilter progressive pop music is not unlike the amazing Spinto Band at times - particularly on final track Jammy Ceiling. The noisier Iffy Clone's punky guitar lines chop away through forever-changing time signatures, whereas Aberdoom! is a simpler affair, like Boy With The Arab Strap-era Belle & Sebastian crossed, strangely, with Blur. Enjoyable stuff, well worth a listen.

EP available now from Bandcamp.

Miniature Dinosaurs – Lemonade.
Nut. No feeling this at all. It's a bit like The Killers but without the genius pop-hooks. The singer has that throaty Brandon Flowers vocal thing going on, and they also have that softer breakdown section The Killers have in pretty much every single. Oh, and the guy from The Automatic comes in every so often to shout and that's just annoying. 

Available from iTunes.

The New Fabian Society – Exhibition Of Hate EP
Ahh yes, I love this. Noisy bastards, like Jesus And Mary Chain but a tad more controlled and musical. The EP is consistently excellent throughout though I'd say the pick of the bunch is I No Longer Remain. Getting off to a fairly tame start, it doesn't take long for it to become an unleashed, sprawling beast. They deserve to be huge.

Available now from Bandcamp.


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