29 October 2012

Fresh Meat Monday - Fat Goth

photo by Barrie Morton

Would you care to introduce yourself?   

Certainly! Fat Goth is a rock band hailing from the city of Dundee, Scotland. There are three people involved:   

Mark Keiller provides beats and rhythms with his drum kit. He also undertakes the role of 'band manager' due to his formidable organisational skills and can usually be found beavering away on a computer emailing, face-booking and tweeting like nobody's business! Many would agree Mark is both the most physically attractive and morally bankrupt Goth.   

Kevin Black can play the bass guitar and choses to do so in Fat Goth. Although he not the tallest member, he continually demonstrates a pretty decent understanding of music theory whenever the band's creative machine is in full flow. His knowledge on various musical equipment is also worth noting and he enjoys advising his fellow bandmates on what instruments, amplification, effect units, etc they should use, all of which is way beyond their respective financial capabilities. Kevin wears glasses and is perhaps the most approachable Goth.  

Last and certainly least is Fraser Stewart. Fraser provides the majority of vocal sounds in Fat Goth's music and also dabbles in playing the guitar. A cacophony of regret, sexual frustration and unrelenting hate, Fraser has been the artistic driving force of the band and is largely responsible for the general feel-bad vibe found within the music. This is likely to change in the future as a result of Kevin's input: he is a cheery soul and just as prolific. Fraser is the Goth most likely to commit murder. 

How would you describe the music you make?   

Entirely justified! 

How did you start out making music?   

The members of Fat Goth have been dear chums for a number of years now and it was inevitable the three of them would at some point come together and fulfil their true calling. You could say it was a case of waiting for the stars to align and the wind to blow a certain direction, but that would just be a load of shit.  

The band first took shape back in 2007 with Allan Mitchell taking on the bass guitar duties. This initial incarnation forged the first three releases: the 'Mindless Crap' album, the 'DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!' EP and the 'Willy Wonka and The Charlie Factory' single. While recording the latter, Mitchell expressed an interest in the country of Australia during a cigarette break. Horrified by such an inappropriate topic of conversation and subsequently souring an otherwise pleasant studio session, Keiller and Stewart instantly terminated Mitchell's involvement in Fat Goth and completely severed all ties with him. Rumour has it he immigrated to the aforementioned continent and is now running an avant-garde theatre company.   

Not long after this incident, Mr Black was approached in a firm but fair manner and agreed to take Mitchell's place. Fat Goth MK. 2 quickly began work on the follow up suite to 'Mindless Crap', resulting in roughly 49 minutes-worth of new recorded material and was captured by Ross McGowan of Chime Studios in the summer of 2012. This new collection is titled 'Stud' and will be released through the band's own Hefty Dafty Records on 28 January 2013.  

What process goes into the way you write songs?   

Arguing and fighting are definitely key ingredients. Everyone wants to be a dictator, regardless of whether they have leadership qualities or not. Sometimes the idea of forcing someone to do something they don't want to do is so appealing, any concept of love, compassion and humanity become obsolete. Fat Goth practise in a basement, an appropriate location given the sheer animosity and venom found within the atmosphere of a typical 'jam session'. Joseph Fritzl held his 'jam sessions' in a basement too, no doubt because he knew in the back of his strange brain that the world didn't need to see him at work, only the fruits of his labour. To be honest, the less said about the way we write, the better!   

What can people expect from your live shows?  

A safe bet would be us performing our music in person at a noticeable decibel level. We like to play live. It's definitely fun, especially when it goes to plan! We certainly know what to expect: a room that has an area selling alcoholic beverages at various prices (usually extortionate), a stage of sorts, preferably with monitors so we can hear what we're doing and a number of people, all of whom look perplexed and somewhat disgusted by what they're bearing witness to. I dunno, our music should appeal to the masses. The world isn't a right place and neither is our creativity, therefore it should be a match made in heaven, or perhaps hell. I would say people who come to see our shows should expect us to expect them to bring money and give it to us in gratitude. That would be ideal!  

What are you all listening to at the moment?   

A great deal is the answer you seek! All three members of Fat Goth properly love music in general. It's totally great! Given the nature of Fat Goth, rock, metal, punk, prog, etc feature heavily in our listening material. At the moment we're 'digging' the likes of Torche, Tacobonds (a great band from Japan who we had the pleasure of playing with recently), The Melvins, NoMeansNo, Muddy Suzuki, Yes, Mastodon, Earth, Mike Patton, lots of stuff. We also heavily rate a lot of music from Scotland too. Those other bands and artists are our contemporaries so it makes sense to us to draw influence from them just as much as anyone else! Here comes the part where I attempt to list some and inevitably forgot some names which will result in, 'Alright, man? Read that thing you did online. Thanks for not mentioning us, you dick!' next time I'm out injecting myself into oblivion. Anyway, people should check out The Hazey Janes, Vasquez, The Sparrowhawk Orkesteral, The Shithawks, Min Diesel, Mass Consensus, United Fruit, etc.   

What can we expect to see/hear from you in the future?  

Along with expanding waistlines and fatigued facial expressions, people can expect to see our carbon forms in a music video in November of this year for 'Creepy Lounge'. It's a cheeky little number taken from 'Stud' and tells the story of a prostitute and her number one fan, both of whom are well past their prime. The video doesn't reflect this tale, it's just us looking ugly as sin but the director, Alan Robertson did a grand job and we're looking forward to inflicting it upon the old You Tube. Aside from that, shows will continue to take place and Fat Goth-related spam will be shot out of our online orifices until the end of all time.


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