21 September 2012

Jonas Carping - All The Time In The World (Full Album Stream)

Jonas Carping - All The Time In The World (Full Album Stream)

A few weeks back I reviewed Jonas Carping's debut solo album, All The Time In The World. If I was being honest, I was struggling to come up with enough superlatives to describe how utterly amazing and mesmerising I found the album. Nearly three weeks later and I am still playing it on an almost daily basis, such is it's grip on me. Not just me either. Anj, my wife, is also currently under it's spell, entranced by it's stunning beauty.

In my attemps to describe the album, back at the end of August, I must have struck the right note as Jonas got in touch to ask if I'd like to have an exclusive stream of the album for you lovely people to listen to. One of only two sites in the UK (and four worldwide) selected for such an honour I was never going to say no. You can all thank me later in whichever manner is your custom, but I won't turn away a beer.

If you like what you hear, which I am sure you will, there are links below the player that will lead you to some of the outlets (both physical and digital) selling the album. Please do support the album if you can as this is a self-released record and one as good as this should most certainly be supported. The album's official release date is this coming Monday, the 24th of September. Without further ado, All The Time In The World...

The album can be downloaded from Amazon, while a physical CD can be ordered from CD Baby. It will also be available on iTunes and Spotify. For more information you can check out the official site of Jonas Carping or you can go tell him how great the album is on his Twitter account.

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