17 August 2012

Help Ma Boab, It's The 62 Word Review

We Are The Physics – Applied Robotics
They've been pretty quiet for a while, but what a way to come back! Blistering and frantic, it's like they've taken a bit of their favourite angular post-punk bands and injected the pop nous of the much-loved - but sadly now defunct - Flying Matchstick Men (latterly Matchsticks). If this is what's to be expected from their forthcoming second album then I cannot wait.

Available now from iTunes.

Adam Stafford – Vessels Shifted EP (part of split EP with Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo)
This is one of those EPs where headphones are essential. There's a post-rock feel, sort of Explosions In The Sky-like with chiming guitars over rhythmic pulses. It's all quite understated however, and Stafford's loops climb but always stop short of overblown grandeur. Working Hard To Breathe is pure Come On Die Young era Mogwai, the highlight among an EP full of highlights.

Available from Bandcamp. The other half of the EP will be reviewed in another edition of the 62 Word Review

Naked Strangers – Mystery Meat
Really enjoyed this laid back, bluesy stroll. Its trembling guitars and ringing chords interspersed with some tasteful wandering bass make for a huge sound. It's not particularly original, and certainly would have fit right in around the Britpop era, but I don't think originality is necessarily what Naked Strangers are seeking. I think they're updating what's gone before, and doing it well.


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