10 August 2012

Help Ma Boab, It's The 62 Word Review

The Tide Inside – On My Way Back Down From The Edge
Swirling synths and pounding drums give this a slightly Miaoux Miaoux feel in places, but the uneasy bassline and gloomy aesthetic wouldn't be too out of place on Radiohead's Hail To The Thief. Indeed the repeated closing refrain of of 'On my way back down from the edge' brings to mind Sit Down, Stand Up. An excellent slice of dark, industrial pop.

Available to download from Bandcamp.

Father Sculptor - Aristide
Continuing their series of bi-weekly releases, Father Sculptor have given us another belter of a track. Although slightly more understated and with less bombast than some of their previous efforts, Aristide is no less impressive. They've drawn no end of comparisons to The Smiths but this is probably their least Smiths-like track to date, although the 80s influence is still obvious. Superb.

Available Monday 13th August from Bandcamp.

The Diamond Noise – Yippie Yeah
Someone actually wrote this: “S'alright, s'okay, s'alright, s'okay, s'alright, s'alright, s'alright, s'okay, s'alright...'cos he's a funny kinda yippie yeah.” Released eight or nine years ago, this might have been a hit but nobody listens to The Others any more. A redeeming feature however is Hugh Viney's voice, which growls somewhere in between Jack White and Isaac Brock. Otherwise, bland and contrived.


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