14 July 2012

We've Got It Covered #107

 I am getting a bit slack with these We've Got It Covered posts, what with being away at T in the Park last weekend I didn't have time to write one up in advance. Now I find myself spending a Saturday evening cobbling together something half way legible, before I post this weeks cover version. That's not to say that I haven't been busy today, aside from being on fatherly duties, I also spent the afternoon recording a podcast over the phone with my friend Jamie for the next episode of Net Sounds Unsigned. As much fun as it is rambling on the Internet, sometimes it can feel like I am just shouting out in the void, so having a bit of banter with Jamie was a lot of fun. Plus I do love being able to inflict my music choices on other people, once the show is up on his site I'll be sure to post up a link.
One other thing I found myself doing this afternoon was sticking up some last minute posters for the show that I am putting on this Wednesday at the Captain's Rest. Apparently it's now just called the Captain's, but that just seemed daft to me, so I am sticking with the Rest part. Anyway, in case you'd somehow forgotten, Mitchell Museum will be making a triumphant return after their wee hiatus period. This is going to be the bands first headline show in Glasgow since they went on their break back in August of last year. As if that wasn't enough I also have the fabulous Jo Schornikow from The Shivers joining us for the evening. Any of you that were at the The Shivers gig that I put on in Mono last year should already be fully aware of what an amazing live performer she is. Then if you chuck in New York based artist Scott Rudd into the mix, it makes for a massive cocktail of fun. If you are planning on coming along and you're on that there Facebook, do me favour and click that you're going on the events page that I set up, as it will really help to set my mind at ease. I know I say this every time I put on a gig, but I'll say it again - IT WOULD BE GREAT TO SEE SOME OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL LITTLE FACES. See now I am shouting, does that make me sound desperate. Right I think I best stop there, this Breaking Bad boxset isn't going to watch itself. Anyway, here's a wee cover that Mitchell Museum did of MIA's Paper Planes, enjoy...

Mitchell Museum - Paper Planes (MIA Cover)

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