18 July 2012


I really do love putting on gigs, but one thing I could really do without is pre-gig nerves. The fear that it will end up being me and the bands standing in a big empty room always fills with me dread. Not that I expect tonight's gig not to go well, with a line up including Mitchell Museum, Jo Schornikow (from the Shivers no less) and Scott Rudd, what could go wrong?! I appreciate that we all live pretty busy lives these days, but if you don't have any plans for tonight and you don't have an excuse for not coming, it would be great to see your pretty little faces coming along to show some support. Hey it's not every day that Mitchell Museum return for their first post-hiatus gig and it's not every day that the fabulous Ms Schornikow and Mr Rudd come to town. So do yourself a favour and get yourself down to the Captain's Rest for a night of cracking music!

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