20 July 2012

Help Ma Boab, It's The 62 Word Review

KOBI - Fight
A slice of dark alternative-rock here. Fight's broody demeanour indicates influences such as Radiohead and My Bloody Valentine, but the track always retains its melodic pop sensibilities. The track reaches a very nice crescendo, its pumping bass and expansive guitar lending the track a real sense of grandeur. The Them & Us remix of B-side A New Before is also worth listen.

Fight is available to buy from Bandcamp.

Father Sculptor – Rhein / Frances
Father Sculptor have been – correctly – compared to The Smiths many-a-time. However, there is so much more to them than that. They're like a mix of all the best melancholic pop bands of the 80s. There's an atmospheric, shoegazey feel to both tracks. The huge synths on Frances sound fantastic, while the chiming guitars on Rhein lend a lovely shimmer. Excellent.

Download Rhein and Frances from Bandcamp.

Saint Max – Saint Max and The Fanatics
Saint Max is obviously influenced by various ska and punk acts, and this is patricularly evident on Afraid Of Love and Let 'Em Have It, Sunshine. The tight trumpet parts on opener A Life Worth living are a joy, while the softer souled Wonderful Life – a song which could easily have been written by The Smiths - is superb. A must-listen.

You can buy the EP from Bandcamp


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