06 July 2012

Help Ma Boab, It's The 62 Word Review

TMTATC – I Am The Hottest Fire
The Mouse That Ate The Cat appear to be the masters of firing out cracking singles. Although they'd normally be considered an electro-pop act, I Am The Hottest Fire has a bigger, rather more conventional guitar pop sound than usual, and at times are reminiscent of the wonderful Fanfarlo. The anthemic chorus is guaranteed to be stuck in my head for days.

Available to download free on 23rd July

This Silent Forest – The Lighter Side EP
Showcasing This Silent Forest's...well, lighter side, The Lighter Side is a collection of their gentler songs. There's some lovely stuff here: the nicely created atmospheric soundscape on This Model Couple, the well-utilised synth brass on the ending of He Drinks Alone. I'm bored of Glasgow bands with violins these days but This Silent Forest execute their brand of folk pop very well.

The Lighter Side is available now from iTunes or Bandcamp.

Hanetration (London) – Tenth Oar EP
With its glitchy sample manipulation, Tenth Oar is at times sinister and, in its own way, at times beautiful. Opening work Rex sounds like Moon Unit being put through a meat grinder, whilst the EP highlight Alarm begins with a lighter, theapplesofenergy-esque ambience before being consumed by a slow creeping, pulsing darkness. This isn't for everyone but try it, you never know.  

Available now from Bandcamp.


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