06 July 2012

Friday Freebies

Randolph's Leap
First thing tomorrow morning I'll be hauling myself out of bed an ungodly hour to head up to my first T in the Park for five years. The last time I went, I came back engaged - I've always been classy. This time round I'll be on my best behaviour as I am acting as tour manager (ie driving the van) for Randolph's Leap, as they will be opening the T Break Stage at 12pm on the Saturday. If you're going to be be there for the gates opening, make sure you pop your head in - even if you're not a fan (how could you not be?!), it will be an ideal place to shelter from the rain. As a wee taster to encourage folk to come and see them play, the band have released a free download of a new unreleased song called 'Man, I Feel Rough'. Which I think is pretty damn ace, but then again I am just a little bit biased. You can make your own mind up by streaming the song below.

Chris Devotion and The Expectations
Another cracking band that will be appearing on this years T Break stage, are Chris Devotion and The Expectations. Having had the pleasure of putting them on at our Bloggers showcase gig at goNorth, I can vouch for how good they are live. Sadly I won't get to witness their set as they're playing on the Sunday and I'll long gone by then, if you are going to still be up then get yourself along at 13.40 for a tight ass rock 'n roll show. In the event that you need a wee bit of persuading, you should check out their song, 'The Girl Is Leaving', which they've made available as a free download. If you're not going to T, you can also catch them at Belladrum and the Wickerman Festival!

Chemikal Underground
Scotland's coolest and most influential label, Chemikal Underground, are currently giving away a free compilation featuring an array of talent, including, The Phantom Band, Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat, RM Hubbert and a whole host of other goodies. You can download the compilation for free from Amazon

Scottish Fiction
My fellow blogger,  Scottish Fiction, is back with another one of his series of free EP's. This month he's got managed to gather in a whole host of  up and coming talent. If you want to get your grubby little mitts on free tracks from The Seven Deadly Sins, Mad Nurse, Make Sparks and Aaron Wright, then just head on over to his Bandcamp page.

Snow Patrol
I know, I know, if I had any street cred then I wouldn't be posting anything up by Snow Patrol, but fuck it, I don't care if you don't like them, as I do. So deal with it. If you do like Mr Lightbody & Co, then you might be interested to learn that they've made a new version of Lifening (Burst To Life Mix) available as a free download on their homepage.

Okay so it's not quite free, it's one of those pay you want type deals, but you can opt to pay nowt if you like. It's the return of Edinburgh outfit, PET, who have just released their fourth single, 'Together Apart', which you can download from Bandcamp

We Are The Physics
Monday there saw the return of Gasgow's finest 'mutant science punks', We Are The Physics. They've come back with a bit of a bang, with their new single, 'GORAN IVANISEVIC' taken from their forthcoming album 'Album Details Not Ready Yet'. Did I mention it's free, I didn't need to, did I?!

Tilly & The Wall
It has been that long since I last heard anything from Tilly & The Wall, that I presumed they'd chucked it ages ago. Apparently I was wrong, as they have new album called Heavy Mood in the offing,  as a wee taster they've made the first single from it,  'Love Riot' available as a free download through Stereogum. By the sound of things I htink they have ditched he whole tap dancers as percussionists thing. I may well be wrong, and often am.

Drunk Mule
To finish off this weeks freebies, it's our old pals Drunk Mule, once again they've recorded a new tune which they're giving away as a free download. This one's called 'Fancy Pants' and it's free to download from their Bandcamp page.

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