11 July 2012

A Face For Radio: Video-rama (Part 3)

Some of you might have noticed a distinct lack of a We've Got It Covered post on Saturday, as I am sure that most of you will already know I was up at T in the Park with Randolph's Leap. Fuck me that was a trek and half, I ended up getting our van well and truly stuck in the mud, which in turn ended up with me joining the AA in order for them tow us out. Normally at festivals I piss my money away on over-priced beer and rank rotten burgers, signing up for breakdown cover wasn't something that I ever imagined doing in a rainy field in Balado. Rather than bore you with how muddy it was, here's a video of Randolph's Leap who kicked things off on the T Break stage.

The good folk from Detour launched the second episode of their new TV show last week. This months episode features live footage from Midnight Lion, Vukovi and Honeyblood. A live session from Hector Bizerk's Louie and Stanley Odd's MC Solareye, an interview with Twin Atlantic's Sam Mctrus. Plus a 'blink and you'll miss it' cameo from my good self, which I pray to go my mother never has to witness!

Mind how I mentioned that Zed Penguin had a cracking new single out, well here's a cracking wee video to go with it!

I haven't mentioned me for all of two seconds, so I might as well do so again. If you check out this15 minute "Propaganda edition" of the Glasgow Flower Show mini documentary, you can catch me rambling pish for a few minutes. There are some good bits in there that make it worthwhile. You might want skip my bits though, or at least look away from the screen until I am gone. And cover your ears for that matter.

Last but not least here's a wee video of Campfires in Winter playing on the roof of a pub in Inverness. As you do. If you are out and about tomorrow night then you can catch the boys playing live at the Art School in Glasgow with Vasa and Hot Jupiter.

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