23 June 2012

We've Got It Covered #105

I don't know about you, but this last week has been pretty damn knackering. On Monday night I was out seeing King Creosote, The Pictish Trail and Randolph's Leap at the the Old Fruitmarket, then the following night I was out at the innaugural SAY Awards. Out on two school nights on the bounce has left me pretty damn exhausted, as trying to fit all of this music malarkey into real life ain't all that easy. So I feel as if I have been chasing my tail all week, thankfully though we have a pretty chilled out weekend planned so as to recuperate. If the weather brightens up a bit then we'll hopefully be heading over to The Hidden Lane Festival for a bit, then tomorrow the plan is to stick some of these awesome posters around Glasgow. Hopefully after that I'll be able to pop along to Oran Mor for the West End Festival Closing Party. If you haven't already seen the line up, it's pretty much a fantasy line up of great Scottish artists. If you don't believe me then check this out for a line up

Acoustic Stage in the Whisky Bar    
Apples of Energy 3.30- 4.00pm   
Wounded Knee 4.15- 4.45pm   
The Dirty Beggars 5.00- 5.30pm  

Doors Open 4pm   
Gav Prentice 4.20- 4.50pm   
Olympic Swimmers 5.10- 5.50pm   
John Knox Sex Club 6.10- 6.50pm   
RM Hubbert 7.10- 7.55pm   
Withered Hand 8.15- 9.00pm   
Aidan Moffat & Bill Wells 9.20- 10.20pm  

The Auditorium
Doors Open 4.30pm   
Monoganon 5- 5.30pm   
Miaoux Miaoux 5.50- 6.30pm   
Three Blind Wolves 7.00- 7.45pm   
Remember Remember 8.15- 9.00pm   
We Were Promised Jetpacks 9.30- 10.30pm

Pretty damn good eh?! If you want further information on the gig, then just head on over to their Facebook events page or you could always pick yourself up a ticket in advance here. In anticipation of the gig, here's a couple of covers from two of the acts playing, the fabulous Monaganon and the award winning, Aidan Moffat & Bill Wells.


Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat - Yellow Submarine (Beatles cover)

Monoganon - Across the Universe (John Lennon cover)


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