16 June 2012

We've Got It Covered #104

Apologies for the lack of a cover version post last week, as I am sure you're all aware, last week I was up in Inverness at the goNorth Festival. So I had to take a few days off to recuperate at my folks as they stay up in that neck of the woods. Having had the whole of last week off, it was a bit of a culture shock having to come back to face real life and an over flowing inbox full of emails. Plus on Thursday there we had the State Broadcasters single release at the Captain's Rest, which seemed to go pretty well. What with Jo Mango having to pull out at the last minute, I did fear the worst. But in the end we managed to rope in the legendary Duglas T Stewart from the BMX Bandits in Jo's place at the eleventh hour. So in the end it all turned out pretty damn well I think, although I could have done without all of the stress. Then again I guess that's all part and parcel of putting on gigs, talking of which I am going to be putting on another show next month at my spiritual gig home, the Captain's Rest. This time round I have roped in Mitchell Museum, to play their first headline show since they ended their hiatus. Plus as if that wasn't enough I've also got Jo Schornikow from The Shivers and a fella by the name of Scott Rudd (from NYC) playing too. They're both going to be over in our neck of the woods in July touring the UK, so I am pretty chuffed that I am getting to put on their Glasgow date.

Talking of Glasgow dates, I'll try to stop rambling and get to the point of this post, which is of course to share with you all this weeks cover version, which comes from Human Don’t Be Angry, the most recent guise for Malcolm Middleton. If you haven't already got your hands on his eponymous album, then I'd urge you to hunt it down, as it's fucking ace. Anyway, tonight he's back in Glasgow headlining King Tut's with support from Peenko favourite, Martin John Henry. It should be a corking evening of entertainment, me I'll be at the in-laws feeling sorry for myself that I am not at Tut's. Anyway, here's Human Don't Be Angry's cover of The Beach Boys classic Pet Sounds to get you all in the mood.

Human Don't Be Angry - Pet Sounds (The Beach Boys cover)

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