28 June 2012

Help Ma Boab, It's The 62 Word Review

Meursault – Something For The Weakened
With gritted teeth I hovered my cursor over the play button, prepared for an aural onslaught similar to that of Meursault's previous effort. However, the production here is far superior: warm and clear, yet still lofi enough to be Meursault. The glorious swells of Hole and the lilting sway of Settling are particularly nice moments on an album full of them. Superb.

Something For The Weakened is out on Song, By Toad Records on 16th July

Zed Penguin – Heathens (single)
This took a few listens to get my head round but now I love it. There's a swirling, dreamy mass of sound (see My Bloody Valentine or The Jesus and Mary Chain) and a vocal delivery straight out of New York in the late 70s. The cool, so-laid-back-it's-lying-down bassline stoats along just pure no' gie'in a fuck about anything. A fantastic track.

As I said when I reviewed their single San Diego, this is not normally the type of thing I'd be into. However, The Winter Tradition's brand of guitar pop is done very well indeed, melodic yet always forceful. The highlights here are the sprawling Tides And Telegrams, and the huge Nightscape, which is at times reminiscint of The Remote Part era Idlewild.  

Firelight (2010 single version)

Gradients is released on 16th July


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