14 June 2012

Help Ma Boab, It's The 62 Word Review

Pronto Mama – Lickety Split EP
If you like your barbershop music all laid-back with cool synths then you'll love Pronto Mama. Love You is somewhere in between Fleetwood Mac's Albatross and The B-Sharps, and is without a doubt the best song I've heard all year. One Trick Pony is superb, particularly the half-time baws-oot at the end. The best EP I've heard since Galchen's The Red Dot. 

Love You live for BBC Radio 1 Introducing

Lickety Split is released on 2nd July

SOS – Carry On Suzie
It's like The View have been transported back to the late 50s. The lyrics are a bit mundane ('in a room with superficial fakes') and at times – many times – lines are stuck together to rhyme just for the sake of it. That aside, it's not actually a bad pop song. A song written for festivals, if ever there was one.

Available to download on 18th June

Letters – Older Motion Pictures EP
Reviewed their recent single. This EP builds on it however there's so much going on in instrumental opener Explosions that it's actually a difficult listen. Thankfully, things really pick up with the atmospheric Older Motion Pictures and the far rockier Torren. But it's the epic From Time To Time that really steals the show, its quiet interlude twinkling towards a mammoth climax.

Available now here.


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