25 June 2012

Fresh Meat Monday - Secret Motorbikes

Would you care to introduce yourself?   

Tino: Hi Lloyd, it's great to be here. My name is Tino and I sing and play guitar, and this is our bass player Paul.  

Paul: Hi. 

How would you describe the music you make?   

Tino: That's a great question Lloyd. We try to combine parts of 60's garage rock and 80's indie punk rock to make short, catchy songs about girls and not being from California.

Paul: But everyone just says we sound like The Strokes.  

How did you start out making music?  

Tino: There seemed to be very few bands in Glasgow that were writing the kind of songs we wanted to hear, so we decided to make stuff we'd want to listen to. 

Paul: We had Iain (Stewart, drummer) at our disposal cause he's been our best friend for years and we thought it would be a sin not to use him in a band.

What process goes into the way you write songs?   

Tino: We used to meet up before we went out on Friday and Saturday nights and agree not to leave the flat until we'd written a song. So we just wrote loads of quick songs while we were in PARTY MODE

Paul: I found it really frustrating cause I was always desperate to go to the ABC. 

What can people expect from your live shows?    

Tino: Nice outfits.

Paul: Little technical ability, with the exception of drums.

Tino: A warm and positive, inclusive atmosphere.  

Paul: Tino forgetting to tell people who we are or say thanks for watching us. Or that "we've got merch for sale up the back". 

Tino: Aye, sorry. 

What are you all listening to at the moment?   

Tino: FIDLAR, Smith Westerns, Iggy Pop, Nobunny, Clams Casino...

Paul: The Replacements, Big Star, the new PAWS tape, Weather Balloons...

Tino: SKATERS, Happy Birthday, The Velvet Underground, Roy Ayers, The Jesus and Mary Chain...

Paul: Mrs Magician, Roy Orbison, The Tough Shits, and I really love the song Let The Music Play by Shannon. 

What can we expect to see/hear from you in the future?  

Tino: We are going to record a song and make a video for it to please our youtube fanbase, and then make an album in a few months time.  

Paul: We see this as more of an art project than a band so if anyone wants to collaborate and get involved, send us a message on ze facebooks.  

Tino: Aye we're always looking for gigs and weird things to do. We are keen to like, totally, like, get involved in art installations and shit.

Secret Motorbikes - Sometimes I Wish I Was A Dog



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