04 June 2012

Fresh Meat Monday - Adam Stearns and the Glass Animals

Would you care to introduce yourself?

My name is Adam Stearns and I play in a band called The Glass Animals. 

How would you describe the music you make? 

Always a tough question.  We like to write popish songs with interesting arrangements.  Every song is very different.  I suppose you could put it under the category of baroque/folk/pop or kitchen sink pop? 

How did you start out making music? 

I have been playing music as long as I can remember.  We had a drum kit, an old nylon string guitar and a very out of tune piano in our house when we were growing up.  I used to come home from school and just play music for hours.  It was only natural that I would join forces with my sister Alexis who also writes music. I can't really imagine not playing music.   

What process goes into the way you write songs? 

I usually write a song and then bring it to the band and we all figure out the best arrangements.  I have found a group of musicians that I can really trust and they all have fantastic ideas as well as being incredible musicians so the songs usually take many shapes and forms and continually evolve.  I think songs usually write themselves, i don't really know how to explain the process. 

What can people expect from your live shows? 

We either play as a three piece or as a six piece.  The three piece is a more skeletal stripped back acoustic affair consisting of violin, guitar, piano and singing.  When we play as a six piece we have drums and bass and electric guitar.  There is quite a diverse dynamic in our live shows and a great deal of energy too.  Also even though the songs are well arranged we always leave room for improvisation so each gig has a very different atmosphere.  

What are you all listening to at the moment? 

 At the moment I am listening to Gorkys Zygotic Mynci. Jim Sullivan's album UFO.  I have been listening to a lot of Judee Sill, the song 'The Donor' is incredible.  I am a huge fan of Jim O'roukre and his records are never far from the player.  I love Van Dyke Parks.  Also I have been listening to quite a but of Moondog of late.

What can we expect to see/hear from you in the future?

We have a single coming out on the 8th of June and we will be having our single launch at Stereo. This single launch is a fundraiser to raise money for an album to be made which we hope to make over the summer. We are also playing a handful of festivals this year including the Kelburn Garden Party, Doune the Rabbit Hole and Solas. 

  Adam Stearns and the Glass Animals - Strange Weather by adamstearns+glassanimals

Adam Stearns and the Glass Animals release their debut, limited edition double A-sided single “Benjamin Bluehands/Tender Roots” on June 8th through Employment Records. You can catch them playing live at Stereo in Glasgow this coming Friday, (June 8th).

Employment Records

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