05 May 2012

We've Got It Covered #99

As seems to be the way of things nowadays, I once again find myself speedily trying to draft up this weeks cover version post. More often than not, I find that during the week that I know exactly what it is that I want to talk about. However, no matter how much I pre-plan what I am going to say, when it comes to actually writing a post it's a totally different ball game. It's pretty tricky trying to cobble something together with the distractions that a one and a half year old brings. Not that I complaining, more a case of making excuses for the rambling nature of these posts. In my head I had planned to talk a wee bit about yesterdays sad loss of Adam Yaunch, although I could never claim to have been the biggest Beastie Boys fan. However, I did catch them a couple of times and they were always good fun. But as news of his passing started to filter out last night I couldn't help but feel quite sad about it all. I know it's a bit of a cliche to say, but it really is sad that we have to wait until someone is gone before we can celebrate what they've brought to the world. I guess I just find it depressing that we'll soon see loads of folk heading and buying Beastie Boys albums, I realise that folk are looking for ways to show their grief, but is buying a CD really the way to do it. For a man who was so supportive of the Free Tibet movement, it'd be nice to think that there were a few folk out that might opt to make a donation to something that I am sure Adam would have been happier to see folk go out and make a donation to them instead.

Anyway, that's enough of my ramblings, on with this weeks cover version which comes from Rod Jones & The Birthday Suit. The Idlewild songwriter and guitarist, is playing a solo acoustic show at bar bloc on Tuesday coming (8th May), alongside This Silent Forest and Ryan McDowell as part of a free show for the latest Slow Club night. To get you in the mood here's a cover that he did a while back of Snap's 'Rhythm is a Dancer', that was recorded for a Vic Galloway session...

Rod Jones &  The Birthday Suit-Rhythm is a Dancer (Snap cover)

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