26 May 2012

We've Got It Covered #102

Bloody hell, what with all this nice weather we're having I damn there nearly forgot to post up this weeks cover version. I guess that being woken up 5:30am by an overly excited child might have something to do with that, as great as this weather is, it really is a pain in the tits for us as my daughter wants to play at an hour which I last saw back in my clubbing days. Although it sounds like I am moaning I must admit that I have had a pretty cracking day chilling out in the park, then meeting up with the latest addition to the Olive Grove family, the State Broadcasters. This evening has been especially ace as we had our first barbecue of the the year which was sound tracked by a Welsh band called the School, that I was recently introduced to by a friend from Japan. Yep, that's me getting introduced to a band from Wales by a man who lives on the other side of the world - don't you just love the Internet! Anyway, the reason I am going with this cover version is that the School sound isn't a million miles away from our very own Camera Obscura. For that reason alone I thought it would be a good excuse to post Camera Obscura's cover of the Sheena Easton song 'Modern Girl'. Fuck me, that was a hell of a lot of rambling, sorry.

Camera Obscura - Modern Girl (Sheena Easton cover)

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