10 May 2012

Help Ma Boab, It's The 62 Word Review

Aloha Tigers – Aloha Tigers LP
Can you imagine Wayne Coyne frolicking in a meadow wearing a flowery summer dress made of nothing but endless reverb? If that turns you on, you'll love Aloha Tigers. The whole album is excellent but Josh's Song and Cloud In The Water are particularly worthy of your attention. A very soothing listen, truly a late-night headphone album if ever there was one.

You can name your price for the Aloha TIgers LP here.

Satellite Dub – Velikovsky EP
You can see what Craig Brown (Satellite Dub) is trying to do on opening track Plans Of Smoke And Mirrors, but the problem is that the huge beats are lying under layers of busy distorted synths, lessening their impact considerably. Although still cluttered, Red Morning Tribute is the standout, its massive sound wouldn't feel out of place on a Chemical Brothers album.

You can buy the EP here.

My Tiny Robots – My Tiny Robots single
After double checking I wasn't listening to Idlewild's Little Discourage, I began to sort of enjoy this. There's a very nice Radiohead feel here, particularly around each crescendo. There's no new ground being broken, and it suffers a little from a lack of variation, but for taken for what it is – a dark and atmospheric pop song, it is fairly decent. 

Available from iTunes on 28th May.


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