28 April 2012

We've Got It Covered #98

Welcome to the first ever international Peenko blog post! Now I'm not too sure whether this will work or not, but if it does, then this will be the first time that I've written a post using my phone. It's a complete recipe for disaster and a real likelihood that there my grammar will be even worse than normal. As some of you will already be aware, I'm 'sunning' it up in Barcelona this weekend, in what is me and Mrs Peenko's first holiday sans baby. Much as we miss our wee girl, I have to admit that it's done the pair of us the world of good to chill out and more importantly catch up on some much needed sleep. You've got no idea how amazing it is to have had proper lie on!

As for this weeks covers, they come from Kid Canaveral and the Pictish Trail. Who coincidentally enough are playing together at the CCA this coming Thursday. Provided I don't end up blowing all of my money on mojitos tonight I should hopefully be heading along to. Talking of cocktails I think it's about time that I had my first of the day...

The Pictish Trail - Boy From School (Hot Chip cover)

Kid Canaveral - Missionary (King Creosote cover)

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