19 April 2012

Help Ma Boab, It's The 62 Word Review

Father Sculptor – Ember / Blue

This atmospheric debut double A-side is thoroughly enjoyable. There is an early 80s post-punk feel about both tracks, with the reverb drenched (but not drowned) Ember sounding like the love-child of Explosions In The Sky and Simple Minds (in a very good way). Blue is a more sparse affair and is the darker of the two tracks but both are truly excellent.

Available now here.

Thula Borah – Live Secretly EP

As post-rock EPs go, this is one of the most varied-in-style I've heard. There's latter day Aereogramme on Skye Falling (the most conventional 'song' here), God Is An Astronaut on Organic Paranoia, some Mogwai on Murder – incidentally the stand-out track here. It's very difficult to stand tall from the post-rock crowd, but this is among the best I've heard in ages.

Available to buy here.

Aggi Doom – Bring Me The Head 7''

On Bring Me The Head, Aggi Doom have not so much tried to evoke Y-Pants' Magnetic Attraction as blatantly ripped it off. The spiky guitar and frenetic vocals thing has been done a million times before. In contrast, B-side Cakewalk showcases their far less abrasive side (and the side I much prefer), with chimes and bells utilised to create something hauntingly beautiful.

Released 21/5/12. Available to pre-order here.


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