12 April 2012

Help Ma Boab, It's The 62 Word Review

Aerials Up – The Old And The Innocent

Aerials Up appear to be on a quest to write the World's Greatest Anthemic Pop Song. It has all the necessary parts: anthemic chorus, the quiet part leading to the huge crescendo, harmonised male and female vocals and a stadium guitar sound. And while this isn't quite All Your Mother's Daughters (the best thing they've ever released), it is very good indeed.

Available now from iTunes

Marvel Heights – Make No Waves EP

There are plenty of Scottish bands doing the heartfelt Twin Atlantic thing just now. What Marvel Heights have to their advantage over many of them is that they have a great singer, tight harmonies and catchy pop hooks. And it's not all big drum rolls and massive guitar riffs, as the atmospheric slow build of excellent closing track Make No Waves proves.

Make No Waves will be released on April 23rd.

The Mouse That Ate The Cat – Like LightbulbsLink

Like Lightbulbs, an electro-pop single in the New Order vein, begins with a simple repeated keyboard line and wailing guitar sample, and there's a laid-back feel about the whole thing. It's brilliant. B-side Life In A Fishtank doesn't quite work so well. It doesn't grip you like in the way Like Lightbulbs does, and it passes without much to remember it by.

Get the single for free here


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