13 April 2012

Friday Freebies

Gargleblast Records
Back at Christmas time those nice folk over at Gargleblast Records got right into the festive spirit by giving away a series of freebies, now they've decided to do it all again under the guise of Springfest. So far they've posted up three free downloads, 'There's a Phantom Hiding in My Loft' by Martin John Henry, 'Black Albino' by Desert Hearts and 'It Helps to See You Hurt' (live) by De Rosa.

The award for this weeks hottest new Scottish band goes to Seams, or at least that's what the word on the street/Internet appears to be. The Dundee five piece seemed to have gotten a lot of people very excited with their recent appearance at King Tut's, Muslim the producer on Ally McCrae's Radio One show can't stop raving about them. For me the jury is still out, from what I have heard they've got some pretty catchy pop tunes, whether they justify all of the hype I am not sure. You can make your own mind up by grabbing a couple of free downloads from their SoundCloud page.

  8 by Seams

Father Figure Records Compilation  
As soon as I think I've finished writing these Freebie posts I tend to find someone posts up another cracking free download just as I have gone to bed. Thankfully though in the nick of time, one last Facebook check has alerted me to a cracking free download from Father Figure Records, which features none other than those fabulous Trapped In Kansas boys, plus some free tunes from the likes of Three Trapped Tigers and Tall Ships.

Naming yourself after Danger Mouse's bespectacled hamster sidekick automatically gets you bonus points in my eyes. As does posting stuff up for free download, which is exactly what Livingtson four piece, Pendfold have just done with their new self titled single which you can find on their Bandcamp page.

Dundee trio, HelloVideo have just posted up their new EP 'Reset' for free download on their Bandcamp page. The band remind me of a more poppy version of Rival Schools, so if that sounds like it might be your cup of tea then check 'em out. The three piece will also be playing at the innaugural Brew At The Bog festival on the 5th of May in Inverness.

Mt. Judge
This freebie tip came courtesy of a Happy Particles post on Facebook, if you are fan of ambient or drone music, then Glasgow outfit Mt. Judge might just be for you. Their new EP, Not Always is free to download on Bandcamp, plus if you like what you hear then for juts £2 you can buy a copy on cassette.

Without Aeroplanes
If you're a connoseur of post rock, then you might want to check out Glasgow instrumental outfit, Without Aeroplanes. Fresh from recording their new EP at Lofi Studios, the 5 piece have posted up their new EP 'Tell Me Tales of Canada' on their Bandcamp page on a pay what you want basis.

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