30 April 2012

Fesh Meat Monday - Two Wings

Would you care to introduce yourself? 

We're Two Wings, a band from Glasgow. 

We are Hanna Tuulikki, Ben Reynolds, Lucy Duncombe, Kenneth Wilson and Owen Curtis Williams  

How would you describe the music you make? 

Classic pop/folk/soul/rock  

How did you start out making music? 

As Two Wings? Hanna and I (Ben) began writing songs together in 2009. We performed as a duo for a short while but always had it in mind that we wanted to form a band to develop the songs further. So, we hooked up with Kenny and David Hayward (our original drummer) and became the rock n roll band Two Wings. A little later Lucy joined us to add an extra voice and Owen became our new drummer.  

What process goes into the way you write songs? 

The songs are either written by Hanna and I individually or we collaborate. When we write together we'll usually begin with a melody or chord progression which one of us has written, which the other person will embellish or add other parts to, or contribute structural ideas etc. We both really enjoy arranging songs, so arrangements are usually on our mind during the writing process and then become more fully realised when we take them to the band.  

What can people expect from your live shows? 

Soaring vocals, harmonies, guitars solos. Playing live is our favourite, so it's probably when you'll see us at our happiest.  

What are you all listening to at the moment? 

Right now? Buck Owens - Under The Influence of Love. I've been back on country music lately and trying to make my guitar sound like a pedal steel (impossible).  

What can we expect to see/hear from you in the future? 

Our album Love's Spring is out today (30th April) on Tin Angel Records! We have a track on a Michael Chapman tribute album out on Tompkins Square Records next month. We'll be recording the next record sometime this year and we'll be announcing some tour dates very soon - these will be at the start of June and will span Brighton to Inverness and many places in between.

Two Wings - Eikon

Twin Angel Records

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