10 March 2012

We've Got It Covered #91

 You think I'd learn, every week when it comes to writing/rambling in these posts, I find myself thinking I really should have done this last night. The reason for this being that I am also supposed to be on daddy duties on a Saturday morning, so not only have I been up since 6am and am feeling slightly delirious, I am also supposed to be in charge of looking after my 18 month old daughter. So please excuse me if this post seems even more aimless than normal.
I've never thought of myself as being all that superstitious, however, when I think about I probably am. As on Monday there I had a great day, it was sunny, I awoke to the new Randolph's Leap EP in my inbox, I found £15 and Mitchell Museum announced that they were reforming. A pretty fucking awesome day I'm sure you'll agree. But whenever something as good as that happens I always know that I have a stinker of a day ahead of me. That day was Friday, as I awoke to fund that my car had gotten a puncture, which made me late for work, then it cost me well over £100 to get some new tyres, meaning that I couldn't afford to travel through to Edinburgh to see Adam Stafford. Pisser indeed.
I figure now though that I have had my bad luck and that things should be back on the up, today is already looking rather good as I am going to see Martin John Henry at the Captain's Rest, where he will be supported by Behold, the Old Bear (aye that band what I have been banging on about for ages). Which in a roundabout way ties in with the good day I had on Monday as they're made up of some of the members of Mitchell Museum. Who said that the Scottish wasn't anything but incestuous!
Tonights gig is also the launch for Martin's split single Span / Onlycolour, which comes out on Monday. But if you come along to show you'll be able to get your grubby mitts on a copy of the 7" single which will be available to buy on the night. Doors for tonight are at 8pm  and it's only £6 on door. Hopefully I'll see you a few of your pretty little faces there, anyway, in a rambling roundabout way that brings me to this weeks cover version which of course comes from Behold, the Old Bear and their cover of the Peter Gabriel classic Solsbury Hill, enjoy...

Behold, The Old Bear - Solsbury Hill (Peter Gabriel cover)

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