29 March 2012

Help Ma Boab, It's The 62 Word Review

Hi folks.

Been getting loads of submissions from non-Scottish bands so I think I'll do a totally non-Scottish one every so often (like this one). Keep your tracks and releases coming with '62 Word Review' in the subject line!


FIM – Uh Uh Uh Huh

This track by the Los Angeles threesome starts not-at-all-promisingly, with some wailing and an out-of-tune guitar playing the first two chords that happened to come to the guitarist's head. This riff repeats forever and ever amen. It's probably one 70s New York punk fans (of which I'm not) however they deserve some praise for the frantic but very well-judged breakdown halfway through.

Ghost Lake – Late Spring Morning Sunlight

Swede Henric Wallmark describes Ghost Lake as 'cozy pop!'. He is correct. This is two pre-bedtime co-codamol washed down with milky hot chocolate. The title track is stunning, with some Daniel Johnston here, some Broken Social Scene there. Disjointed rhythms permeate the EP, with intricate melodies so brittle they would crack if Wallmark sang more forcefully than a whisper. Treat your ears.

Download it here

Tiny Birds – Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Anger

Some twee pop now from this London five-piece. Single DLTSGDOYA sounds it should be used to sell cider, with an infectious optimism that puts me in mind of The Maccabees and Cumbernauld's very own Queen Jane. B-side Jeff Goldblum has come straight from the Mumford & Sons School of Crescendo, but it's perfectly executed with some nice percussive textures and subtle harmonisation.

Released 9th April, available here from then.


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