27 March 2012

Headlines and Deadlines

More details on the seminars being run at this years Wide Days have just been announced. The event which takes places at Edinburgh Universities Teviot House on Wednesday the 11th and Thursday the 12th of April, sees an array of music industry folk descending on the capital, including Alex Knight (FatCat Records), Stewart Henderson (Chemikal Underground Records) and Scott Cohen (The Orchard). Tickets for the Wide Days conference begin at £20 for under 18s, with discounts for students and members of the Musicians Union.  Tickets can be purchased here.

In addition to this they've also announced the line up for their evening showcases, which looks something like this;
Sneaky Pete's - Honeyblood and Homework.
Third Door - Michael Cassidy and Quickbeam.
Electric Circus - Donna Macioca, Honningbarna and Lady North.

For free tickets for all of the showcase gigs, just head here.

If you're in a band and you're planning on submitting to this years T Break and you haven't already done so, then you have only until midnight on Monday 2nd April to get your entry in. As well as getting the chance to play at T in the Park, all of the bands selected will also have their set recorded by Radio Magnetic, plus the chosen few will be offered discounted recording time at Chem 19 Studios in Glasgow and advice on getting the best out of their studio time. If you fancy getting your hopes up, then having them shattered a few months later before mumbling about it all being a fix, then get your submission in asap....

While we're on the theme of deadlines, submissions for this goNorth will close on Sunday 1 April. Seeing as T Break only has 16 slots to offer, you might be in with a better chance with goNorth as there are 70 slots up for grabs (although a fair few of few them go to international acts), or hey you could go crazy and apply for both. The event will be held in Inverness city centre over Wednesday the 6th and Thursday the 7th of June, personally I love this festival. It's opened up several different avenues for me, such as helping me meet an array of 'industry' types, meeting a real nice American fella who did some of our US radio press for Olive Grove and most importantly for me it was the first time I got to see Randolph's Leap play live - which has lead to many an adventure! How useful it is for bands I am not sure, but our bloggers showcase was absolutely rammed last year and I kind of hope it in some small way helped to get PAWS signed to FatCat (but that might be me blowing my trumpet a wee bit too much).

Anyway, I realise I am starting to ramble a wee bit so I  reckon that's enough news for one post, so to finish on a lighter note here's the new video of Belle And Sebastian‘s cover of The Primitives’ song “Crash” which taken from their second  “Late Night Tales” compilation which came out yesterday. The band will also be releasing the cover will on 7" vinyl as part of this year's Record Store Day (21st April).

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