09 March 2012

Friday Freebies

The Son(s)
What with all the talk about Peenko Records, you might be wondering what was happening with Olive Grove as we've been pretty quiet as of late. Well folks, the reason things have been quiet as of late is mainly down to the fact that we've been waiting on a couple of bands just finishing off albums and the like. Hey it will be worth the wait I promise, as will the new EP by The Son(s) that I have been teasing you about for what feels like ages now. The EP is called Leviathan and it's not due out until the 7th of May, however, as a wee teaser we've made the track 'If I Hear You Talk Apostrophes Again...' free to download on SoundCloud, which should hopefully whet your appetite for now. Oh and the EP will be coming out on limited edition cassette... I fucking love tapes...

Song, by Toad Records Sampler
Jealousy is a terrible thing, I hate being jealous of folk, but seeing as Matthew who runs by Song, by Toad has fucked off to SXSW I can openly confess to being jealous of what he's created with his blog and label. Fuck it's not like he'll ever read this anyway. Not only does he run pretty much the biggest blog in Scotland, but he also runs one of the coolest fucking labels. Cunt. Being the big fucking show off that he is, he's just posted up a free Song, by Toad Records Sampler on Bandcamp which features free tracks from amongst others, Meursault, King Post Kitsch and Dolfinz.

Frightened Rabbit
Much to our benefit Scott from Frightened Rabbit got rather inebriated over the weekend and his merry state he decided to tweet links to some demos of tracks that he had kicking about. I'm a big fan of happy drunks (usually being one myself), so if you want to help yourself to a whole load of free tunes then just click on the following links: Scottish Winds, Fuck This Place, Scott and and Grant in soundcheck, Scott and the piano, The Work' without Archie, Scott singing with James Yorkston on guitar, and last but not least this little bit of nonsense.

Sonny Carntyne
I had fully intended to include this link in last weeks Freebies, but somehow it got overlooked. Fuck knows why as this Dundee based alt-folk outfit are quite lovely. They've just released their debut EP Unicorns & Ghosts on Wise Blood Industries and you can download the EP for free here. Fans of Elliot Smith and Sparklehorse take should check this out, actually fuck that, you should all check this out as it's fucking ace.

Frances and Her Trampoline
I can barely keep up with the releases from this CATH RECORDS,last week they were giving away free tunes from Lasso The Moon and now they've just posted up some free downloads from Frances and Her Trampoline, which I think is a previous incarnation of band featuring members of the band that became PAWS, I am sure Jim 'Ayetunes' will correct me if I've gotten that wrong.

Tesla Birds
Steven from Happy Particles is a bit of a busy boy, not only was he was partly responsible for the greatest album to have ever been released on Christmas Day, he's also been busy working away under his solo project, Tesla Birds. Fans of chilled out ambient tunes should do themselves a favour and download his new tune 'flocks in RGB' for nowt from Bandcamp.

Hipster Death Squad ‏ 
The best named band in the world are back and once again the tunes are ace, they've made their new EP The Bedroom Tapes (Part 1) available for nowt on Bandcamp, I urge you to check these guys out. 

The Last September
Edinburgh outfit, The Last September have reworked their song, Tough Love which featured on their last album As The Crow Flies and have retitled it as 'This City', being the kind souls that they are, they're giving it away for nowt on Bandcamp.

Desert Sharks
Fans of Sleater-Kinney and The Donnas might well want to check out Desert Sharks, a 4-piece, all female rock/garage/punk band who are based in NYC. They've just posted up a few demos for free download on their Bandcamp which are well worth checking out.

Hiva Oa
Edinburgh three piece Hiva Oa have just released their new EP on Mini50Records, if you like you're music to be stripped back and haunting then this might just be for you. Their EP is available on Bandcamp on a pay what you want basis.

Marthas & Arthurs 
Former Fresh Meat starlets, Marthas & Arthurs are going to be releasing their debut album, "The Hit World Of... Marthas & Arthurs" next month, and as a wee teaser they're offering a free download of their cover of the Stone Roses 'Shoot You Down', which features on the album.

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