05 March 2012

Fresh Meat Monday - Queen Jane

Would you care to introduce yourself?    

Hi there. I’m Mark, the bassist of Queen Jane. The other members of the band are: James (vocalist/guitarist), Chris (guitarist) and Craig (drummer). We come from a town in Scotland called Cumbernauld.     

How would you describe the music you make?      

Our sound would generally be described as guitar pop, but with a heavier twist. Our songs are typically upbeat, but we also have slower, mellower songs in our repertoire. The presence of synth in our last EP really stretched the band’s capabilities in terms of our music. In many ways, it has added another dimension to our overall sound.     

How did you start out making music?      

We were actually a band during our time together at school. We performed our rendition of ‘Love Machine’ at a Red Nose Day show, which I think will forever remain a low point in all of our lives. We took a “break” for over a year or so, during which time we did attempt to resurrect the band but to no avail. It was like a really volatile marriage. I believe it was in late 2009 that we decided to really get our heads down and take the band seriously. Since then we have grown much closer, and that previous turbulent relationship has now evolved into us becoming a very tight-knit group of friends!     

What process goes into the way you write songs?      

Usually James will have an idea and meet up with either Chris or myself, sometimes both of us, before a scheduled rehearsal and jam in his house. By the time of the rehearsal, the idea has usually blossomed into a full song, leaving only Craig to add his drums to the mix and give his verdict on what he hears. He’s sort of like a cuddly Simon Cowell. We work on our songs as a band, where we all contribute and say what we like or dislike, improving or changing parts where necessary. I believe this is the main reason why we all take so much pride in our music.     

What can people expect from your live shows?      

The band revels in the atmosphere and the emotions attached to a live performance, where we give nothing less than 100% effort. As important it is to release a good record, we feel that live shows should be even better, with the aim of leaving people hungry for more. Playing music is what we love to do, which can hopefully be seen and heard by the people watching us perform.     

What are you all listening to at the moment?      

We are currently listening to a pretty varied mix of music. James is currently listening to disco music, enjoying a new Horse Meat Disco mix he recently bought. Chris and James are both enjoying ‘Given To The Wild’ by The Maccabees, with Chris also listening to Bombay Bicycle Club and Craft Spells at the moment. Craig is currently listening to Trapped In Kansas and The Stills, but has also admitted listening to Stevie Wonder on repeat. As for myself, I’ve been hooked on The Twilight Sad’s ‘No One Can Ever Know’ since its release a few weeks ago.     

What can we expect to see/hear from you in the future?     

After the release of our EP ‘Denver’ at the start of the year, and our very recent support slot at King Tuts with King Charles, we hope to continue and build upon the momentum that’s already been established. As well as regular gigs throughout the year, we will be producing a music video in the next few months. There’s a good possibility of further recordings by the end of the year, and also good prospects of us widening our horizons and playing a couple of gigs down in England in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled!  

Queen Jane - Denver


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