03 February 2012

Friday Freebies

On my hunt for freebies to share with you all I quite often find myself 'favouriting' tweets that mention free downloads from Scottish bands that might be worth checking out. Most of the time I tend to find something that I like or think's half decent, other times there's stuff that just that bad that I can't bring myself to write anything about it. So earlier in the week when I read about Invisibles, a collective conceived by JP Reid of Sucioperro and Marmaduke Duke fame, I did find myself pre-judging the songs. "They'll not be my cup of tea" I thought, how wrong I was, as this my friend is fucking banging. Fans of folk Fuck Buttons and Union of Knives, actually anyone who likes music should really check this out. Oh and it's not technically a freebie, it's one of those pay what you want deals, either way check it out.

Tall Tales
In case you didn't get the memo, The Social Services changed their name to Tall Tales a wee while back, thankfully though they've not lost any of their charm. The Glasgow based quartet have just released their new EP 'All we can do is sing', which is sure to warm the cockles during these freezing cold nights. You can help yourself to a free download of the EP over on their Bandcamp page.

Le Thug
What with everything I get sent these days, it can be pretty tough to try and give it all the attention that it deserves, I quite simply don't have the time anymore. More often than not I find myself judging whether I like something or not within a couple of listens. One of the things that will make me pay more interest is when I get sent something that's a bit different to what I would normally listen to. One such artist that pricked my attention this week were ambient Glasgow duo, Le Thug, who have just posted up a whole load of demos/possibly a mini album, I'm not sure. All you need to know that songs are free to download here.

Sean Armstrong 
Not content with being one of the most talked about bands in Scotland at the moment, those pesky boys from PAWS are also involved in running their own tape based label, CATH Records. Not only do they love using their Caps Lock button, they also love their lo-fi music, which is all good with me. The latest offering from the label comes from a fella by the name of Sean Armstrong, who's got a whopping 22 tracks available for free download on the CATH Records Bandcamp page. Veering from quiet Daniel Johnston-esq tunes, to full on bat shit crazy experimental tunes, there's some great suff on here that's well worth exploring.

Scottish Fiction 
First we had Kowalskiy giving away monthly free EPs, now we get spoiled twice a month with fellow blogger Scottish Fiction getting in on the action. If you fancy some free tunes from A Band Called Quinn, Bottle of Evil, Mickey 9's and Blank Canvas then all you need to do is head on over to Bandcamp and download January's compilation for free.

Proto Idiot
Another week and yet another freebie from one of my favourite sources of DIY pop music, Odd Box Records. If you miss the Moldy Peaches then you might want to check out this free download only single from the forthcoming Proto Idiot album 'Idiot Proto'.

Drunk Mule
How I managed to overlook this free download from Drunk Mule I'll never know. Yes boys and girls, they're giving away yet another free tune, I don't know about you, but I can barely keep up with them these days. This one's called 'Las Vegas Divorces' and it might well be their best yet.

Wild Nothing
Next month sees Virginia's indie-pop outfit releasing the follow up to 2010's Golden Haze EP.  As a wee prelude of what to expect you can download their new single, "Nowhere", for free over on Stereogum.

If you're looking something a bit down and dirty, then Glasgow four-piece, Blindfolds, might well be right up your street. The Rock & Roll/ Psychedelic blues outfit have made their track Taste Young Blood available as a free download on their SoundCloud page. If you like what you hear then you can catch them live next month at King Tuts on the 22nd of March when they supporting 'The Minutes'.

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