21 January 2012

We've Got It Covered #84

Does anyone know if Aberfeldy are still going? It's been age since we heard anything from them so I was just starting to wonder if they'd called it a day, their Facebook page seems to suggest they might be going, but it is a bit bereft of information about what they've been up to. Even my fountain of knowledge of all things related to the Scottish music scene, Jim AyeTunes, couldn't help, so if you you know what the band are up to these days please feel free to share. The last time I saw them was way back in 2007, when they did a tour of more obscure Scottish venues, including a quite surreal appearance at Eastwood Park Theatre in Giffnock. Anyway, that's of me and my adventures, here's Aberfeldy and their cover of the Bobby Fuller song 'Let Her Dance', which was recorded as part of a Vic Galloway session back in 2010.

Aberfeldy - Let Her Dance (Bobby Fuller cover)

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