23 January 2012

The return of Peenko Records

 Some of you might recall that back on the second anniversary of this blog I decided to launch a record label, no not Olive Grove, those of you with good memories might recall that I put out an EP with I Build Collapsible Mountains. Then the whole Olive Grove thing kicked off and Peenko Records was put on hiatus. That was of course until now, as I am pretty chuffed to be able to announce that on the 20th February I am going to be releasing an album with my favourite folk-pop outfit, Randolph's Leap. The album was recorded predominantly in lead singer Adam’s bedroom, and it will be available on limited edition cassette (30 copies) and download. To give you a wee taster of what to expect, you can stream my favourite track from the album, 'The Nonsense In My Soul' below...

  Randolph's Leap - The Nonsense In My Soul by Randolph's Leap

One of the sexy wee cassettes

Now you may be asking yourself why are they going with cassettes, who on earth owns a cassette player these days? Well I know that I certainly do, in fact in the past year or two I seem to have built up a bit of a collection and I know for sure that Adam the lead singer of Randolph's Leap does too. That and they're a bit quirky, plus I am sick of being told that everything needs to be released on CD these days. 

Anyway, to celebrate the albums release I am putting on a wee shindig at the Captain's Rest on Saturday the 18th of Februrary. Alongside Randolph's Leap, we also have Donna Maciocia and Kith & Kin. As always it would be great to see some of your pretty faces coming along for the evening. If you need that extra incentive to come along, the band will be using all of the money raised to fund a new EP which will be included in the Fence Records EP series.


  1. this is indisputably marvellous!

  2. thanks dude, that genuinely means a lot!