20 January 2012

Friday Freebies

King Post Kitsch 
In his quest to continue to give away great music for free, King Post Kitsch really does rule the roost. This week he decided to share a new EP with the world and rather ace it is too, coming in at just under 6 minutes it's a short but sweet trip, but one well worth taking. I am particularly taken with the lead instrumental track, 'Nocturnal Wandering', but as always with these things you don't need to take my word for it, find out for yourself by downloading the EP for free here.

Blue Sky Archives
On Wednesday I spent my evening back and forth between Bloc and King Tuts as I had tickets for Beerjacket and Micahel Cassidy, but I also wanted to catch my new favourite band, Behold, The Old Bear play their first ever gig. What does that have to do with Blue Sky Archives you might ask, well kids they were the headline band at Bloc. Sadly I didn't get to catch their set as I was up at Tuts catching Beerjacket, but I did hear their soundcheck which sounded pretty good, as is their new single ,Cosplay The Hard Way, which is available as a free download here. The track is the first taster from their forthcoming Triple A Side, which is scheduled for release at the end of February.

With his 19th (yes 19th) Free Monthly 5-track Scottish EP, my fellow music blogger Kowalskiy has pulled out another fine collection of the Scottish music scene. This month he's got free tracks from My Tiny Robots, PET, The Machine Room, Wolves Of Winter and a wee cover from French Wives. You can find out more details on the EP and how you can download it over on his blog.

This freebie comes courtesy of my friend through in the East, the fabulous podcaster and new dad, Edinburgh Man (if you get the chance check out his shows!). He pointed me in the direction of this track from the New York duo, Schwervon! Not only is it a great wee pop tune, but it also features backing vocals from none other than Frances McKee from the Vaselines. You can download the tune for nowt on their Bandcamp page.

Momentum is really starting to build for the forthcoming album, Have Some Faith In Magic, which is due out at the end of this month on Rock Action Records. As a wee teaser of what you can expect Drowned in Sound have posted up a free download of an album track, 'Pleasure Palaces', remixed by Brassic, which you can find here.

Delta Spirit
I had totally forgotten about Delta Spirit until I got one of those NoiseTrade emails in my inbox telling me that I could download two of their EPs for nowt. I originally came across them a goof while back when I ordered the first ever Cold War Kids EP. Anyway enough of me and my pish, what you need to know is that you can download the EPs for free here. Fans of My Morning Jacket and Dr. Dog should enjoy this.

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