06 January 2012

Friday Freebies


The Twilight Sad
Kilsyth's finest sons are all set to release their much anticipated third album (proper), No One Can Ever Know, next month. Having heard the album I reckon it's going to take a lot of folk by surprise with the new direction they've taken. As a wee teaser of what to expect, you can download Another Bed from it for free via both the Skinny and Spin.

Aloha Tigers!
My good friend Ian, who used to run the blog Have Fun At Dinner has set up his very own wee record label, Kircudbright Tape Club, and his first release is going to be with a band he's been championing for some time now, Bloomington-based dream-pop outfit, Aloa Tigers! Their debut album is due out later this year, but as a wee teaser of what to expect they've made their single, The Kind of Girl U Like, free to download on SoundCloud.

Mike Nisbet
Thanks to his placing in last years BAMS award, a lot of folk seem to now be taking notice of Oban's singer songwriter, Mike Nisbet. If you haven't already checked him out out, then now's your chance as he's made his song, Not Long, free to download here. It comes highly recommended kids.

The Last Battle
Around this time last year, Edinburgh folksters The Last Battle recorded recorded a New Years song called '365 days', and they're now very kindly giving it away as a free download on their Bandcamp. Look out for the follow up to their excellent debut album, Heart of the Land, Soul of the Sea, later in the year.

Hey Marseilles
It's been a while since I mentioned anything about Seattle septet Hey Marseilles, a band that I first heard after my friend Luke, aka I Build Collapsible Mountains, played them on an episode of the Glasgow Podcart. I'd actually forgotten how much I liked this lot, so it came as a nice surprise to find out that the influential radio station, KEXP are giving away a free download of their song “Elegy” here. 2012 looks set to be a big year for this lot, look out for a follow up to their debut self release, To Travels & Trunks later in the year, just cross those fingers that they make it over to these shores.

Those who frequent these parts on a regular basis might recall that I was raving about Monoganon's last album, Songs To Swim To, so much so that I had it was my second favourite album of 2011. So you can imagine my excitement in finding out that John B McKenna & Co have just released a new mini album called Help through those nice folk at Winning Sperm Party. Although not as immediate as their last release, this might not be for everyone, but I promise you that if you stick with it, it improves with every listen.

Trapped in Kansas
Those lovely Trapped in Kansas boys have very kindly decided that it might be a nice to give away all of the music that they record prior to the release of their last EP 'How To Go'. Just head on over to their label, Overlook Records where you can find a link to a whole load of goodies.

The Give It Ups
There are a few different record labels that continue to impress me with the music that they put out, one label that continues to impress are London DIY label, Odd Box Records. Their most recent release comes from twee indie four piece, The Give It Ups, and their single 'Let's Be Frank / If Everything Ends' which is fucking ace and free to download here.

Conquering Animal Sound
Having spent much of last year touring round Europe, Conquering Animal Sound have decided that it would be a nice idea to give something back to everyone who came out to see them. As a wee treat they're giving away a free live EP, featuring a couple of album tracks and some works in progress. Download it for nowt here.

No Island
Do you love your hardcore! No seriously, do you love your hardcore? If you do, then Glasgow hardcore punks No Island might well end up being your new favourite band. Their self-titled debut EP is free to download on their Bandcamp page and I can't help but think that these guys would be fucking awesome love. I guess I'll have to find out for myself some time soon.

Niki And The Dove 
Earlier this week it was announced that Niki And The Dove came 5th in this years BBC's Sound of 2012 new music list, if you fancy finding out what this fuss is about this Swedish electronic duo then you can download their song 'The Fox'  for free right now by clicking on 'Free Download' under their Facebook profile photo.

As In Bear
For quite a while now, my partner in crime Halina from Glasgow Podcart has been banging on about an Ayrshire outfit by the name of As In Bear. It wasn't until they got voted in as one of the Best New Bands in the recent Ayetunes Readers' Poll that I finally took note (my bad). If you fancy finding out what all the fuss is about then head on over to their SoundCloud page where you will find a whole host of free tunes.

Matt Norris & the Moon
Having just supported Primal Scream at their Hogmanay show, Edinburgh outfit Matt Norris & the Moon are unsurprisingly on a bit of a high, so much so that they've posted up an improved version of  their song First Light of Day for free download on their SoundCloud page.

Fat Janitor
I still don't know too much about this noisy lot, the only thing that I can now tell you for certain is that they've posted up a mini album called Lurk for free. If you feel like giving your ears a healthy battering then getting downloading here.

Hipster Death Squad 
The best named band in the world with the tunes to back it up are back, yup those prolific young fellas have crafted yet another corking wee tunes. It's called Good Times Again, which you can download for free on their Bandcamp page.

I would argue that the solo project from Andrew Eaton-Lewis from the band Swimmer One, is one of the most under rated Scottish acts out there at the moment. You don't have to take my word for it though, if you head over to their Bandcamp where you can find two new songs which are available on a pay what you want basis. Even if you don't fancy shelling out any pennies for them, I'd urge you to get them downloaded.

The Martial Arts
Glasgow indie power pop outfit, The Martial Arts are giving away their new album Your Sinclair for nowt over here.

coma emilio
Last, but certainly not least we have one man project 'coma emilio' who's been busy working away on new material. Fans of lo-fi experimental music should find themselves right at home with his new album, Not Songs Not Sung Not Sad, which you can download for free here.

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