24 January 2012

French Wives Album Preview/Acoustic Gig

 In case you didn't already know, Glasgow five piece, French Wives are going to be releasing their debut album, Dream of the Inbetween’, later this year on Electric Honey Records. As if that wasn't exciting enough for them, they're also going to be heading across the pond to play some shows in the States at this years SXSW Festival. As I am sure you already know, making such a trip isn't exactly cheap, so the band are putting on a few different fundraising nights to help fund their adventures. So if you're free this coming Thursday and you want to help the band out then you should get yourself along to Duke’s Bar in Glasgow where they're going to be hosting a night where they'll be having a playback of their recently finished album which isn't actually until sometime in the Spring.  As if that wasn't enough the band are also going to be playing an acoustic set then spinning some tunes (or in their case pressing playing play on a laptop - that's my kind of DJ-ing!).  If you fancy going then you might want to pre-order your tickets as the capacity of Duke’s is only around 80 people. Further information on the night can be found over on the bands website.

  Numbers by French Wives

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