12 January 2012

Artists To Watch Out For In 2012 - #4 Django Django

Good things come to those who wait apparently, in Django Django's case they really did make us wait. It was way back in May of 2009 that I ran a tiny wee introduction post on the band, since then the band have been taking pretty slowly with the odd single here and there, they've spent the past few years doing the odd tour here and there. You'd hardly call them prolific, but then again they have just spent the past three years holed up in the East London bedroom of their drummer, producer and de facto leader David Maclean, crafting their debut album. 

The psychedelic art-pop four-piece who originally formed in Edinburgh, but now reside in East London, are all set to release their self-titled debut album on Because Music (home to Justice, Jarvis Cocker and Metronomy) at the end of this month. Sadly I didn't manage to grab a word with the band (not through a lack of trying I should add), so I am afraid you're stuck with my ramblings this time round, or you could always just check them out for yourself, I promise you won't be disappointed!

  Django Django - Default by Django Django

Django Django play Stereo in Glasgow on the 19th of February, tickets for the gig are available here. Their self titled debut album comes out on the 30th of January, you can stream some of the album on Because Music's site.


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