09 January 2012

Artists To Watch Out For In 2012: #1 - Snowgoose

So as the end of year polls start to peter out, it's that time of year when the blogosphere starts to make their predictions of what they expect to be big in 2012, or in some bloggers cases they choose to dismiss these kind of list. Personally I normally find that the artists that I expect to make some kind of impact aren't normally my cup of tea. So rather than try and predict who's going to 'make it big' this year, I thought I'd try and introduce you to a few names that you might not have heard much of that I am looking forward to hearing more from in the next 12 months.

To kick it all off I'd like to point you in the direction of a Glasgow based group by the name of Snowgoose, who I only first came across after they recorded a session for Marc Riley towards the end of November, although I should point out that they've been going for a few years now. The band who are made up of Jim McCulloch, Dave McGowan and Anna Sheard are all set to release their debut album Harmony Springs on the Open Hearth label later this year. If the lead track from the album is anything to go by then we're in for a right treat.

Hello, I'm Lloyd. Who on earth are you?

Hello, Lloyd. I go by the name of Jim McCulloch. I am but one member of a band called Snowgoose. I play guitar and write songs.

Seeing as your one of my ‘Ones to Watch’, what exactly should everyone be watching out for from you in 2012?

We will be releasing our first album,which is to be called "Harmony Springs". It`s going to be released on the Open Hearth record label. It`ll be on beautiful vinyl in a hand -crafted sleeve, as well as CD and download. There`s a lot more information on Snowgoose at www.reverbnation.com/snowgoose

  Snowgoose - Harmony Springs by Snowgoose


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