08 December 2011

The Peenko Podcast #2

Yes folks, it's that moment you've really not been waiting for. It's the second ever Peenko Podcast! Now, I know that I promised that we would do these monthly, but that plan fell by the wayside after a combination of parental duties and a hungover sound man holding things up ever so slightly. But now we're back with some great tunes, some terrible chat (all my own work) and the greatest jingle you'll ever hear...

1. Ghost Pants - Coat of Arms

2. Call To Mind - A9

3. Bear Bones - Oil & Lacquer

4. Adam Holmes & The Embers - Alone We Stand

5. Doug Johnstone - Keep It Afloat

6. Pet - Middle Child Syndrome

7. Indian Red Lopez - Prometheus

8. Marie Collins - Old Movies

9. Dems - House

10. Randolph's Leap - The Nonesense In My Soul

11. RM Hubbert & Aidan Moffat - Car Song

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