02 December 2011

Festive Freebies

I fucking love PAWS, actually I htink the general consensus amongst the Scottish blogosphere, is that we all love PAWS. If you haven't already been converted then you're in luck as they've put up nearly all of their back catalogue on their SoundCloud page to download for nowt.


It feels like an age since we heard anything from the 'neenaws', actually I just checked it's been over three years. Thankfully now they're back with a bang (and a free tune), with their second album in the bag, they're giving us all a wee teaser of what to expect with a free christmas single called 'The True Meaning Of Christmas' which you can find on their Bandcamp page.

If you head over to Radio Magnetic's website you can find yourself a free download from the forthcoming third Errors LP, Have Some Faith in Magic, which comes out in January of next year.

Cut Ribbons
Welsh girl-fronted indie rocke outfit, Cut Ribbons, just so happen to be making their first ever appearance in Scotland tonight at the Captain's Rest. The gig which is being put on as a collaborative effort by local promoters, Instinctive Racoon and the Radio One DJ, Ally McCrae, also features Open Swimmer and Sunshine Social. So if you're looking for something to do with yourself tonight, then look no further. If you fancy getting acquainted with our Welsh cousins, then head on over to their Bandcamp and download yourself some free tunes.

Nevada Base
Ahead of their headline show at the The Captain's Rest next Saturday (10th December) with Crash Club andMachines In Heaven, Glasgow Synth-pop outfit Nevada Base are giving away their track 'An Avenue' as a free download in exchange for your email address.

Okkervil River
Will Sheff and his motley crue have just released their second Golden Opportunities EP as free download. This time round they're giving away an EP featuring five covers all of which were recorded live to a two-track in Austin. You can download Golden Opportunities 2 here for nowt.

Scottish Fiction
Although it's been going for a while now, I guess you could still consider Scottish Fiction to be relatively new to the blogging scene. That's not to say that it's not worth checking out, if you are free on a Monday and not already listening to Vic G's show, then you should check out his show on Pulse Community Radio. He's also been pretty busy in promoting local talent with his free EPs, this months offering features tunes from The Spook School, Wrongnote, If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home By Now and The Lonely Boy, which you can find here.

A collaboration between Wavves and Best Coast, sounds like a hipsters wet dream to me. But hey it happened (I am guessing most hipsters already knew about this), if you haven't heard their song Nodding Off, then head on over to KEXP where you can download it for free.

Cameo Colours
In case you missed their Fresh Meat post on Monday, now's the time to do some catching up with Edinburgh four piece, Cameo Colours who have made their self-titled EP free to download on their Bandcamp page.

Fife outit, Silvermash have a whole host of live recordings up for free download on their SoundCloud page. If you like what you hear then you should get yourself along to the Captain's Rest tomorrow night to catch them play with Mondegreen and St Deluxe.

In an age when solo artists have to dream up crazy name for themselves (step forward I Build Collapsible Mountains, King Post Kitsch, etc), it's a bit odd to find someone just going by the name Tom. Well that's what Aberdeen-born, Stonehaven-bred, Edinburgh-based musician, Tom (I've got no idea what his full name is), has gone and done. He's got a song called 'Subtle Lie' on his Bandcamp, it's pretty fucking ace, it's also free. You should download it. Go on, you know you want to.

Allan J Swan
The ex-You Already Know guitarist has posted up his new song, "Time Runs Out" for free download on his SoundCloud page. The song has already been causing a wee buzz in the blogosphere, having been chosen by The Pop Cop as his Song of the Week.

My partner in crime at Olive Grove, Halina, has been creaming her pants over Craig_FS for a while now. Being the stubborn fucker that I am, I only just got round to listening to some of his music. Turns out that one making music in his bedroom is actually pretty fucking good. You can make your own mind up by visiting his SoundCloud and downloading loads of free songs.

Bottle of Steven
Take one half of the duo, Bottle of Evil and hey presto you get Bottle of Steven. He has a free download of his track 'No More Tears' up on his SoundCloud, a cracking wee tune it is too.

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