05 November 2011

We've Got It Covered #75

A lack of sleep and a morning of CBeebies has left my brain totally fried, so if I ramble a bit more than normal today please take that as my excuse. Why my daughter Erin has decided that 6am is a good time to get up and 'play' is a mystery to me, hopefully she'll grow out of it as mum and dad certainly aren't morning people. Last night mainly consisted of going to a seminar on applying for funding from Creative Scotland, drinking wine and watching the Nirvana night on BBC4. All in all it was a pretty good night, although now I feel a little bit less optimistic about the chances of success any future applications for any of our Olive Groves bands. Still it's not going to put us off trying!
Which in a roundabout way allows me to mention a couple of things that some of our bands are up to over the next few days. Tomorrow night, The Moth & The Mirror are going to be hitting up the BBC to record a live session for Ally McCrae's Introducing in Scotland show, with yours truly tagging along as one of their hangers-on for the evening. Having spent the past 2-3 years ripping streams of their sessions, this feels a bit like going into the lions den, i.e. I fear having my knuckles rapped!
Then on Monday night, Randolph's Leap are going to be supporting The Shivers at Mono, alongside Where We Lay Our Heads at a gig being put on by yours truly. In case you missed it last weekend, here's a wee link to an Introducing feature that I did with The Shivers. I say this every time, but it really would be great to see some of you coming along for the evening. In the unlikely event that you need a bit more convincing, just check out the cover versions below from The Shivers (the first time I have featured a non-Scottish band in this feature) and Where We Lay Our Heads, who recorded this song especially for this blog. Right that's enough rambling for one day, you can all go back about your business now...

The Shivers-I See A Darkness (Bonnie Prince Billy cover)

Where We Lay Our Heads - New Dawn (Withered Hand cover)

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